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Where to Stay

$299 for 2 nights based on double occupancy

$382 for 3 nights based on double occupancy

Where to stay

Wild Orchid

3 bedrooms with a pool and dock 


Sea Esta

2 bedrooms, 2 bathroom with a dock




Customs & Immigration Clearance

Bahamas Customs & Immigration

Steps to clearing a private vessel entering the Bahamas:

1. Customs & Immigration office

  • Port Lucaya Marina is open 9 am - 5 pm

  • Old Bahama Bay is open 9 am - 5 pm

2. Bahamas Customs requires the following:

  • Vessel's Registration

  • Completion of the Maritime Declaration Form

  • Completion of the Inward Report Form

3. Bahamas Immigration requires the following:

  • Completion of Inward Passenger & Crew Manifest form

  • Completion of an Immigration Card for each person arriving on the vessel

4. Permit & Fees

$150 per vessel 30’ and under; $300 per vessel 31’ and above includes clearance, cruising permit and fishing fee for up to three people; $25 per additional person. Fees are valid for two entries within a 90-day period. Customs and Immigration accept CASH ONLY

All visitors entering The Bahamas must make a customs declaration upon arrival

Entry as a tourist requires proof of citizenship for residents of North America and most nations. Note: A driver's license is not proof of citizenship. All US citizens are required to have a valid US Passport to travel to and from The Bahamas.

Customs Clearance
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